Each Room Requires Different LED Light. Pick The Best One!

When you choose LED lights, it is not watt that you have to consider. Yet, it is lumen. Lumen determines how bright the LED light you buy. When you want to have brighter LED lamp, you have to choose lamp with higher lumen.

Nevertheless, do you have to pick one with higher lumen? Not really. If you want to install the lamp in small room, LED light with lower lumen is quite sufficient. Therefore, it is not only level of brightness that you have to consider most.

Besides lumen, there is one more thing that you also need to understand. Color temperature. Never neglect the important role of color temperature. It also determines how LED lamp light the room up.

There are four different color temperatures that you can select.

  1. Soft White 

Interior designers recommend this one to be applied in the living room and bedroom. This lamp provides warm feeling. Usually, this lamp emits yellow color. In fact, it is white. However, since this white is so soft, it looks like yellow lamp.

2. Warm White 

If you need a bit brighter LED light than the previous one, try to choose warm white. It is more yellowish-white. It is a good choice for bathroom or kitchen.

3. Bright White 

This one doesn’t emit yellow but blue tones. By installing this bright white LED lamp, the room will be so energetic. It is the best choice for space like garage. If you frequently work at home, install this lamp. It will give you more spirit to work. The room will be brighter. You will not be sleepy in that room.

4. Daylight

This is the brightest one. It is usually installed in reading and makeup room. To maximize this lamps, the color of the wall should be bright as well like white.

Now, which LED light do you want to have? Regardless different LED light brightness, you have to make sure that you buy it from reliable LED light Australia.